How to create a Business Email in cPanel and add to Gmail

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If you have a hosting account with cpanel for your website or blog, it’s quick and easy to create custom email accounts. For example, if you have the website you can create a custom business email like This looks a lot more professional than just using Gmail or Outlook.

In this tutorial I will show you how to setup this custom email ID and also how to set it up so you can send and receive emails for these email accounts inside Gmail.

Step 1: Log into your hosting cpanel

Log into cPanel

For this example I will be using Hostpapa hosting, but it should be pretty similar with other providers like Godaddy and Bluehost. To access the cpanel on Hostpapa you go to Enter your username and password and look for the Email section, and click on Email Accounts.

Step 2: Add Email Account

Add Email Account

If you have multiple domain names on the same hosting you will need to select the domain from the drop down list. In the Email section just enter the email name before the ‘@’ sign. In this example I will enter ‘hi’ because I’m creating the email address Enter a secure password that you will remember or take a note of the password, you will need to enter the password again. Set the Mailbox quota, this will be the size of the email account. If you expect to receive a lot of emails then set it to unlimited or a high number. You can tick the box to sent the email configuration to your email, but this is optional. To finish click on Create Account.

Step 3: Check email is work

Check Webmail

To check if the email is working and setup correctly, find the newly created email account from the list. On Hostpapa you go to the ‘More’ drop down and select Access Webmail. Select on of the mail client options, I usually use Roundcube. If you ticked the box ‘Send welcome email with mail client configuration instructions’ when setting up the email, you should see that email. Try sending an email to your personal email address to check sending is working fine.

Step 4: Send & Receive in Gmail

Send and receive gmail

Go to and log into Gmail. In the top right corner click on the setting icon which looks like a cog, then select ‘Settings’ from the drop down. At the top you will see a tab for ‘Accounts and Import’, go here to setup sending and receiving of this new email account from Gmail. Look for the ‘Send mail as:’ section and click on ‘Add another email address’.

Enter your name and email and click Next Step. Go back to your cpanel email and find the SMTP Server, Port and username information. Usually the username is your full email address and the password is whatever you used when creating the email account. It’s recommended to use SSL, which is a secure connection. Then click ‘Add Account’.¬†Gmail will then send an email to your new email address with a verification code. Go back to the webmail, you mail have to wait a minute or so for the email to arrive. Once you receive the email, copy the verification code, go back to Gmail and paste the code in the text box. Click ‘Verify’ to finish. Now you will be able to send email from Gmail from the new business email account for your domain name.

Next, we want to find the ‘Check mail from other accounts: section so we can receive the emails inside Gmail. Click ‘Add a mail account’ and in the popup box enter your email address. On the next page leave the ‘Import email from my other account (POP3)’ selected and click Next. Enter your username, password and POP Server. Username and password will be the same you enter for the outgoing mail and the POP Server is usually the same as the SMTP Server. But to be sure double check the POP Server from cpanel and also what the Port number is. I usually tick the boxes for ‘Leave a copy of retrieved message on the server’, ‘Always use a secure connection (SSL) when retrieving mail’ and ‘Label incoming messages’. Click Add Account to finish.

Now for you new email account for your business or blog domain name you will be able to send and receive emails from Gmail. When you compose a new email in Gmail you will now be able to send what email address you are sending from, so either your gmail account or your business email.